DC Wiring.
Home and Commercial Automation.
Structured Wiring
Structured wiring is a method of providing the communications infrastructure of your home or office in a well organized, easy to understand, and thorough way to provide a general solution to your present and future needs.

Rather than run a coax here, and a Cat 5 there, and another coax somewhere else as you guess at the future needs, the structured approach is to consistently run a full bundle of wire to every significant room. The full structured bundle consists of two 4-pair Cat 5 cables and two coax cables and optionally two multi-mode optical fibers. There are other structures, but this is the configuration that has overwhelmingly become the standard. At DC Wiring, we go further and provide even more cables due to the ever expanding technological advances to home and office automation and electronics.

It takes more than structured wiring to take advantage of today’s technology. Our methods give you the ability to distribute any signal to any room. The correct wiring can eliminate the need for equipment all over the house.